Pre-loved art and decor in a variety of styles to decorate your home!

Abstract Hommage A Grohmann Kandinsky Print (1926)

Abstract print of a Kandinsky painting

N$ 115.00

Gauguin's Melancholic (1891)

Print of Gauguin's famous piece Melancholic

N$ 80.00

Impressionistic Boat Scene

Impressionistic style print of a boat on water

N$ 75.00

Still Life Roses Retro

Stylized depiction of roses in a couple of vases

N$ 95.00

Expressionistic Man

Expressionist style depiction of a man

N$ 85.00

Watercolour Teapot

Watercolour depiction of a blue teapot

N$ 45.00

Expressionistic Sunset Landscape

Expressionistic print in warm tones depicting a landscape

N$ 80.00

Mountain and Flowers Landscape

A stunning landscape piece with mountains in the background and flowers in the background

N$ 45.00

Female Form

Acrylic on canvas

N$ 90.00
N$ 120.00

4 Keys To Life

Happiness. Wisdom. Love. Fortune.

N$ 45.00